Amazon launches Amazon Dash to use with AmazonFresh service

Amazon has just launched a remote-like device that features a microphone, speaker, and barcode reader that links to AmazonFresh accounts. The invite-only Amazon Dash is currently available only to users of AmazonFresh, which operates in S. California, San Francisco, and Seattle, and is free during the initial trial period.

Amazon has been slowly expanding its market from being a simple online retailer, to offering the Kindle reader for e-books back in 2007, the recently announced Fire TV, and now is pushing territory no other online retailer has gone into: groceries. With plans to expand AmazonFresh into about 20 urban areas this year, with some being outside of the US.

Moving into the grocery business could also lead to Amazon being self-reliant with introducing Amazon trucks to deliver straight to homes. This could complicate business with shipping services such as UPS, FedEx, and other delivery companies that Amazon uses currently.

If Amazon's venture into the online grocery business is successful, it could pave a way for many online retailers, and entrepreneurs.

Source: AmazonFresh via Reuters | Image via AmazonFresh

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