Amazon offers digital downloads for UK customers

Amazon has started to offer digital downloads for UK folks. Now when you purchase certain games or software you’ll be able to simply download it from Amazon or a third party such as Steam, instead of having to wait for the postman to arrive.

This option was already available to US customers but now it’s jumped to Europe where the UK is the first country to get such access. Hopefully other countries will soon follow.

Right now customers can only download certain games such as Far Cry 3, Borderlands 2 and Mass Effect 3, and the digital download version is more often than not more expensive than the physical copy.

The digital marketplace also offers free to play games such as Second Life, DLC content and even Xbox Live content you can instantly redeem.

So far Amazon’s efforts aren’t very impressive when compared to the competition but you can be sure that the company will ramp things up in no time, and perhaps become a major player in yet another field.

Source: Amazon Via: Expertreviews | Amazon image via Shutterstock

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