Amazon reportedly looking to create hundreds of physical stores

Amazon might be looking to massively expand its physical presence in the US by buying at least some of the chain of brick and mortar RadioShack locations.

Amazon is reportedly one of the potential buyers of physical stores from the almost bankrupt RadioShack, with the former that made its fortune by staying as much as it could away from the physical world, is seemingly pulling a 180.

The report comes from Bloomberg, and is quoting “people familiar with the matter” going on to state that the company may end up buying hundreds of stores across the country. However, seeing as they are only one of the bidders, Amazon may still scrap its plans before actually going all in.

Still this is an interesting turn of events and raises questions for the future of the online retailer. Paying more taxes, incurring more spending and having limited benefits doesn’t seem like a strong business plan, especially considering market trends towards digital.

This alongside some other questionable decisions are making us wonder whether Amazon knows what it’s doing.

Source: Bloomberg

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