Amazon to reportedly begin selling wider range of private-label goods including food

Amazon is said to be increasing the private-label goods it sells, including foods and nappies. The private-label goods will only be available for purchase by Amazon Prime users, the retailer's premium $99-per-year service.

Amazon already sells many private-label goods, and has done for years under its AmazonBasics line, through which the company offers products including phone cases, computer mice, batteries, and dog crates. It also recently began its own fashion lines such as Lark & Ro dresses and North Eleven scarves. Two of Amazon's new food brands will be called Happy Belly and Wickedly Prime: the first will sell foods such as nuts, trail mix, tea, and cooking oil; the latter will feature snack foods.

Aside from food, Amazon is believed to be introducing a household products line called 'Presto!' which will sell items such as laundry detergent. A brand called Mama Bear will also be introduced for baby products such as nappies, baby-food jars and gentle detergent. It's expected that products that have good sales figures and are highly rated could be included in the Amazon Prime-only Elements line, which just sells premium goods.

At this point, this news is coming from Wall Street Journal sources, and may never come to fruition. An Amazon spokeswoman declined to give comments on the news.

Source: Wall Street Journal via Ubergizmo

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