Amazon to sell ad space on Kindle Fire welcome screen?

Is Amazon about to sell off its Kindle Fire welcome screen to companies? That's what a new report from Ad Age claims. The story, which cites unnamed sources, claims that Amazon is now offering advertisers a way to purchase space on the seven inch tablet's welcome screen for $600,000.

That amount of money will pay for two months worth of exposure on the Kindle Fire screen. $1 million will net the company even more ad space on the Kindle Fire, as well as promotion by Amazon's PR team, according to the story.

Amazon currently sells "Special Offer" versions of its Kindle eReader devices that sell for less than the ones that don't have the welcome screen ads. It's not clear if current Kindle Fire users, who have already bough the ad-free device for $199, will be subjected to new ads on their welcome screen. It's possible that this ad deal is being offered for a future version of the tablet. So far, Amazon has yet to comment on this report.

Amazon has never said specifically how many units of the Kindle Fire tablet it has sold since it launched in November, saying only that it has sold "millions" of the devices.

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