Amazon's newly purchased is offline thanks to a DDOS attack

The group Lizzard Squad has been causing a bit of havoc in the online world lately and after targeting Sony's PS4 network, they have aimed their bots over at the newly purchased site, Earlier this week, it was announced that Twitch would be acquired by Amazon for nearly a billion dollars.

The attack has currently knocked offline and their status page says that several of their other services are being disrupted too. Obviously, this is a major inconvenience for anyone who was planning on watching some gaming tonight as you cannot, at the time of this post, access any of the streams.

No word on when Lizzard Squad will stop targeting Twitch or even why they decided to take down the site; our guess is that they are upset that the service was sold to Amazon. Like many other DDOS attacks, this one will too pass and the service will eventually be restored. Although, we do not know when that will occur and in some cases, these attacks can last several days.

We will keep you updated for when the site returns to normal operation but for now, Twitch is offline.

[Update] The site is back up and fully operational.

Source: Twitch.Tv

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