Ambassador sworn in on an e-reader, first ever for US government

Suzi LeVine, the new American ambassador to Sweden and Liechtenstein, was sworn in through an oath on an e-reader, becoming the first United States ambassador to do so. The ceremony, which has seen thousands of figures sworn into the government, has clearly been adapted to introduce a more contemporary element during the proceedings. 

Mrs Levine has quite the CV, taking up a NASA internship, creating two non-profit organizations, as well as working at Microsoft as an executive. Levine is also an avid Twitter user and we would like to think the use of an e-reader is fitting to her character. It may be worth noting that the device's page was opened to the 19th Amendment, the act allowing women to vote. 

Unfortunately the e-reader wasn't a shiny Kindle Fire HD, nor a Kobo. This modern twist on an age-old ceremony is, perhaps, a sign of the times, especially if the U.S government is willing to integrate tech into such an event. Despite this, it is notable that around 10% of their machines still use Windows XP, despite Microsoft having officially ended support for the ageing OS.

Check out Suzi Levine's Twitter here.

Source: U.S Embassy London via Mashable | Images via

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