AMD Athlon 64 roadmaps show Victoria's Secrets

FRENCH LANGUAGE web site X86 secrets appears to have got hold of an AMD June roadmap and has gone and published the whole shooting match. And the mysterious "Thorton" core, which AMD has publicly denied, has gone and made its appearance all over again - a hybrid Thoroughbred and Barton crossed. According to the roadmaps, the Clawhammer or Athlon 64, will launch at PR ratings of 3400 and 3100, with 3700+ ratings appearing in the first quarter of next year.

And the slides show indications of how Athlon 64 Clawhammers with morph into San Diegos, 1MB L2 cache and Victoria 256K L2 cache chips next year, reaching PR ratings of 4300+ by the end of next year, AMD hopes. The road maps also claim that 3400+ Athlon 64s, which are really 2GHz parts, have already started sampling but production CPUs are still slated for September. Voltages for desktop and mobile Athlon 64s will be 1.50 volt, the slides claim.

They also show the three DIMM memory support provided during this year. When Microsoft releases Windows Server 2003 service pack 1, Microsoft will release a server version of 64 bit Windows and a client version of 64-bit windows too. Towards the end of the year, as previously suggested.

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