AMD Athlon XP unlock guide

Thanks Heiko of Tobitech for this one, if you can get past the attempt at Germans doing a review of how to unlock an AthlonXP in English you'll be ok. This well written article with pictures is a good pointer to how you can either succesfully OC you AMD-XP or kill it. Shaky hands?

Blurb: The good Old Athlon-Thunderbird CPU was easily unlocked with a pencil. Thats not so easy with the new Athlon-XP CPU its a lot of more work to do it. All what we need for it is an liquid second-glue , Glue-band like Tesa (Tesa Strips), dis-lacquer or Nitro , and Silver-conductive-lacquer. Helpfully is an magnifiying Glass cause the bridges are very very small. The TB and XP CPU are constructed like the same , the bridges are all at the same place . so i painted the changes only on the picters below. The difference between the TB and XP CPU is that there are some little wholes into the bridges wich was made with an laser. That is it why we cant unlock it only with an pencil like at the old TB CPU. We must close this little wholes with our liquid glue. There are some Manuals wich say that you can put the Silver-conductive-lacquer around this little whole. Thats totally correct but if you do so , tread carefully cause if comes a little bit of the lacquer into an whole you have an major problem for sure. Interesting for the moment are the L1 Bridges (they are enaugh for the most motherboards).

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