AMD: Conesus netbook platform, Fusion delay, new ATI Stream

Engadget has received a slew of news regarding the current state of AMD. In the first half of 2009, AMD will roll out it's new Conesus netbook platform. Hoping to compete with Intel's Atom, it comes in 45nm dual-core only, with support for DDR2 RAM and 1MB of cache.

Also announced is ATI's new Stream brand. Stream is all about GPU computing, or using your computer's graphics processor to perform tasks other than graphics work. The Stream brand combines several of ATI's technologies into one umbrella term to help consumers and enterprises understand the technologies better. Stream support will be coming in the next Catalyst update in December.

Sadly, the CPU/GPU combination Fusion platform, taking advantage of the "Shrike" processor, has been delayed until 2011. This has also altered the rest of AMD's roadmap slightly, but with it being a few years away anyway, AMD is sure to have several new releases in the timespan to keep consumers busy.

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