AMD Delays Bulldozer

Oh, AMD. We have been patiently waiting for your Bulldozer FX processors (code-named "Zambezi") for a while now. Now you throw us another delay, according to inside sources at Xbit Labs and Insideris. For those who have not been following, delays are typical of AMD, but this one came out of nowhere it seems. Bulldozer is the next generation processor from AMD, and "Zambezi" desktop parts were supposed to be made available for mass availability this month, according to inside sources. However, the parts will be delayed until Q4 2011 or possibly later, sources say.

What is the evidence for this outside of inside sources? Well, a comment from John Fruehe, of course. Fruehe is the Director of Product Marketing for Server/Workstation Products at AMD. When asked about Interlagos (a code name for one of the server versions of Bulldozer parts) in the article "The Start of a New Era", he replied in a comment:

Interlagos is a server part, there is no desktop variant. The client version of Bulldozer is Zambezi and it will launch in Q4.

AMD, apparently, has settled the matter itself. AMD did not start shipping its Valencia (Opteron 4200) and Interlagos (Opteron 6200) chips for revenue until August, though the company is eyeing a September 26th release. Based on all of this, it looks like high-volume availability of Bulldozer will not occur until Q4 of this year or Q1 2012. By the way, that definitely will not help sales of Bulldozer.

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