AMD 'evaluating' 400MHz FSB for Athlon XP

AMD has said it is at least thinking about upping the Athlon XPs front side bus speed to 400MHz. An Athlon XP with a 400MHz FSB appeared on an AMD roadmap described by Japanese web site PC Watch last week. The site claimed AMD will launch an Athlon XP based on the Barton core, with 512KB of L2 cache and a 400MHz FSB late April/early May. Performance ratings, it said, will range to at least 3200+.

AMD, not surprisingly, doesnt comment on this kind of speculation. However, Aces Hardware, speaking to an AMD operative, asked whether the company would increase the Athlon XPs FSB to 400MHz the better to compete with Intels upcoming Canterwood chipset and its 800MHz FSB. The AMD guy admitted that the company is "evaluating the possibility of moving Athlon XP to a 400 FSB".

News source: The Reg

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