AMD follows Intel, puts CPU prices up

Distributors tell the INQUIRER that AMD has now followed suit in jacking up prices of its CPU because weak demand in North America and dumping in Taiwan have taken their toll on prices.

While Intel started the astonishing trend at the beginning of last week, we now understand that AMD has followed the lead of Chipzilla, imposing unprecedented price rises rather than price drops on the channel.

AMD told its major distributors late last Friday that the prices of its CPUs would soar by as much as an astonishing $12 per microprocessor, with the price rises taking effect in the Americas first thing Monday.

But AMD said it hoped the price increases would only last for a week or so, although as the world+dog knows, once prices go up, it's only lack of supply that keeps them high, while lack of demand causes them to sag.

News source: The inq.

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