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AMD gives boost to software aimed at multicore chips

Software developers aiming to tweak their applications for multicore microprocessors have gained a boost from Advanced Micro Devices at a Sunnyvale, California developer center packed with computers running on multicore AMD microprocessors, including the upcoming Barcelona quad-core. The upgrades to the center, which AMD said will continue, are aimed at helping software developers improve the speed and capabilities of software running on servers, laptops, and desktops armed with multicore microprocessors. For users, such improvements mean the software they buy for multicore computers will run at peak performance, instead of using just a portion of the processing power of the chips.

The AMD Developer Center is open to all, from financial services companies using stock trading software, to media companies running rendering applications, and individual developers interested in improving the performance of applications aimed at computers with multi-core microprocessors, the company said. Later in the second quarter, the center will add computers with AMD's latest multicore microprocessor, the quad-core AMD Opteron processor code-named Barcelona, the company said in a statement Tuesday.

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