AMD Palominos to ship 9 October

AMD's Palomino processors will launch on 9 October.

Now called the Athlon XP, it will come in 4 speeds - the XP 1500 plus, XP 1600 plus, XP 1700 plus and XP 1800 plus. Prices to OEMs are $115, $124, $152 and $210 respectively, but may vary depending on volume.

The clock speeds of the chips are:

XP 1500 - 1.33GHz

XP 1600 - 1.4GHz

XP 1700 - 1.47GHz

XP 1800 - 1.53GHz

AMD has given the Palominos their 1500 plus etc. names, and not used the clock speeds of the processors, to move away from direct comparisons with Intel processor speeds.

News source: The Reg

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