AMD Readies Puma Laptops for Launch

AMD is preparing to show its Puma Laptop Platform to the world, with the launch penned for June during the Computex trade show. Around 100 laptops based around the Puma platform are being readied in time for the launch

The Puma platform highlights includes:

  • AMD Turion X2 Ultra CPU (Griffin)
  • Both Intergrated Graphics & HD3400 Discrete GPU (Using Hybrid technology to switch between the two to save power)
  • WIFI a/b/g/n
AMD won't be alone in introducing a new laptop platform though; their main rival Intel is also set to release its Atom low power CPU and its Centrino 2 platform at the same event.

VIA is also set to try to take some market share releasing its Isaiah processor, which is scheduled to be available during the middle of this year.

The consumer market it's going to be a busy place for the next 6 months...

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