AMD releases more 3X core Phenom's

Today AMD is set to add 3 new models to its 3X core Phenom line-up, they are the:

X3 8450 (2.1 Ghz) $145
X3 8650 (2.3 Ghz) $165
X3 8750 (2.4 Ghz) $195
As we previously reported AMD has already released its B3 TLB fixed X4 Phenom and two B2 bios patched X3 Phenom.

Today's release builds on that position and introduces the B3 stepping to the X3 core line to bring it equal with their X4 Phenom brothers.

It seems that AMD has the 3 core market to its self for at least a full year. This should give it a great advantage over Intel's dual core series as retail will have something to leverage against Intel again.

And they back that up with impressive pricing as a 3X Phenom & 780G & 2gb ram = Under $300. It begs the question "If I can't afford a quad I'll go with three cores instead of two"

So that leaves Intel with the Performance crown for now, AMD has squarely aimed at the budget/mainstream area with the X3 and may be on to a real winner. Just what AMD needs while the ongoing restructuring of the business carries on in the background.

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