AMD Reveals Upcoming Plans

During yesterday's 45nm processor event, AMD representatives made a few statements not related to the showcase. Namely, they revealed their plans for the next few months when AMD is going to be announcing a few new platforms and processors. In the end of March – beginning of April AMD is going to introduce its Perseus platform offering great stability, manageability, security and low power consumption for commercial environments. Perseus platform is regarded as a primary competitor to Intel's vPro platform. It will include quad-, triple-, and dual-core processors based on AMD's K10 and K8 architectures, integrated chipsets from the 780 series announced yesterday and optional graphics cards from R6XX family working in Hybrid Graphics mode. It is important to specifically stress Hardcastle technology dealing with security and management that should strengthen Perseus positions in the commercial market even more.

After that in the first half of April AMD is going to introduce a few quad-core Phenom processor models based on B3 core stepping and free from the notorious TLB bug. We should see Phenom 9650 and Phenom 9550 working at 2.3 and 2.2GHz frequencies respectively. At the same time the first triple-core Phenom 8600 and Phenom 8400 processor should also come out. They will at first be based on B2 core stepping and work at 2.3 and 2.1GHz frequencies respectively. All these four new processors will feature 95W TDP.

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