AMD Showcased Upcoming Products Again

Last weekend AMD hosted a large demonstration of their upcoming new processors in Japan. Namely, they showcased their new Athlon 64 6400+ and Phenom FX processors. This event has become the second place where a working engineering sample of AMD Phenom FX processor was revealed. Just like last time, the long-awaited quad-core desktop processor on K10 micro-architecture worked at 3.0GHz in a single-socket platform.

According to AKIBA PC Hotline, AMD again refrained from demonstrating any performance results, unfortunately. The audience could only make sure that the Phenom FX system was operational in popular applications in a 32-bit Windows Vista OS. The only value that could give an idea about the platform performance was the Windows Experience Rating that equaled the maximum possible value of 5.9. Besides Phenom FX processors working at 3.0GHz, this system also included an RD790 based mainboard, two Radeon HD 2900 XT graphics cards in Crossfire configuration and 4GB of RAM. AMD representative talking about the performance of this platform claimed that it is much faster than a Quad FX system with two dual-core 3GHz processors from the previous-generation.

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