AMD shows better Bulldozer performance on Windows 8

Last week, AMD finally released its new AMD FX processors, also known by its code name Bulldozer. The chip is the first desktop processor made for consumer PCs with an eight core set-up. However, the early reviews for the new Bulldozer processors have not been kind so far.

Benchmarks from web sites such as TechSpot have confirmed that these new chips simply dont provide the same performance compared to older Sandy Bridge-based chips from AMDs main rival Intel.

But are all these benchmarks using the wrong operating system? Thats what AMD seems to be saying in a new slide promoting the AMD FX processor. Xbitlabs reports that the slide shows that the chip, running on the developers preview version of Windows 8, shows better performance running games than Windows 7. The slide shows a two percent increase in Windows 8 when playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a four percent increase while playing Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty Black Ops, and a whopping 10 percent increase while playing Left 4 Dead 2.

Theres no word on what kind of PC rig was used to run these gaming benchmarks. However, AMD says that the performance boost while running games in Windows 8 is due to the OSs new scheduler which handles processors with multiple cores more efficiently.

In the end, there are no PC games that can currently access the full eight processors that the new Bulldozer chips have. But for the moment, it looks like the new AMD FX chips are still not able to compete with Intels current chip line-up.

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