AMD Socket AM2 Will Launch June 6th

AMD's new CPU socket, AM2, will launch at Computex in Taipei, Taiwan this June. The first AM2 motherboards will be on display at the European CeBIT show this March.

Socket AM2's initial "F" stepping will mark AMD's leap to DDR2 and allow for higher clock frequencies over current Socket 939 processors. While it is a 940-pin configuration manufactured under a 90nm process, its pin layout is not compatible with current Opteron and FX 940-pin processors.

The two launch processors will be the dual core 5000+ and FX-62, running at 2.6GHz and 2.8GHz respectively. The new processors are equipped with 1MB L2 cache per core, much like current Toledo core dual-core processors. While Intel has chosen a new branding for its new processor lines AMD has chosen to retain the Athlon 64 X2 name despite the architectural changes.

A lot of technical information is available at X-bit labs, so head on over there to read more.

News source: X-bit labs

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