AMD trims processor pricing

Fall is here, and so are processor price cuts.

AMD earlier this week lowered prices on notebook processors and a few desktop units, mostly to make way for new products.

The TL-60, a dual-core Turion chip for thin notebooks that runs at 2GHz, dropped 26 percent, from $354 to $263. The TL-56, which is a similar chip that runs at 1.8GHz, dropped from $263 to $220. The TL-52, which runs at 1.6GHz, waterfalled from $220 to $184. On the desktop front, the Athlon 64 FX-62, a 2.8GHz monster chip for gamers, declined from $827 to $713. AMD posted more of its updated prices on its website, but did not list the previous prices.

AMD also said today that it is on track to ship chips produced on its 65-nanometer lines during the quarter. These chips will be faster, smaller and, ultimately, cheaper to produce than chips made on the 90-nanometer line.

Intel hasn't had a large-scale price cut since the summer, so a broad price cut, along with new products, will likely occur in the relatively near future. PC makers early next year will also release notebooks based on the Santa Rosa platform, which will also usher in faster notebook chips and, in all likelihood, notebook price cuts.

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