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"Got great news from HQ: the Marksmanship Pack is nearly complete. Even better, the Marksmanship Pack is packed with much, much more than just the single-player U.S. Army Sniper School missions. Responding to the feedback from the community, we've decided to add a number of additional features in this release, to include the following: tools that kick AFK players; TeamTalk options (allowing you to radio all your live and --er--'retired' team members); added green-tinted tracers to the OFPOR RPK (allowing you to distinguish between friendly and OPFOR MGs); changed the M4A1 to be fully-automatic; removed the MOUT McKenna training requirement; tightened the belt around ROE scoring (violations in the first 30 seconds will earn you an immediate 'kick' and ROE violations in the first 45 seconds doubles the penalty) and fixes for the Ghost Player and Rifle Range bugs. Oh...and one other thing, too: an In-Game Browser. Hooah! Yes, the DEV team has been busy (we let them outside at least one hour a day to stretch...) But rather than releasing these features one-by-one, we've decided to burn the midnight oil and put 'em all in one rucksack. The complete Marksmanship Pack will be ready for prime time in just a matter of days. In the meantime, grab your gear - head to the range - and sharpen your marksmanship skills at the M16 Basic Rifle Marksmanship range."

News source: America's Army website

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