Amped Wireless launches TAN1 Windows 8 WiFi adapter

Windows 8 tablet, notebook or convertible owners have to deal with the same limitations in their WiFi hardware that all PC owners do when traveling. Today, Amped Wireless, which has had a number of products reviewed on Neowin, launched a new WiFi adapter that's made to increase the range of Windows 8 PCs.

The TAN1 Amped Wireless High Power Wi-Fi Adapter, which is now on sale for $59.99, has been made to either be used on a flat surface or attached to a notebook or tablet screen with an adjustable clip. The device then connects to the USB port of the Windows 8 PC with no extra software installation required.

The TAN1 then goes to work, extending the WiFi range of any Windows 8 devices by as much as three times their normal reaches. This is because the adapter contains two high-gain antennas, two 600mW power amplifiers and wireless reception amplifiers. The device itself is pretty small: 4.5 inches in width, 0.4 inches in height and 0.6 inches in depth.

Amped Wireless also has an optional WiFi Analytics App made for Windows 8 that lets users find the best WiFi networks for their PCs. The only drawback is that the TAN1 does not work on Windows RT, which means Surface RT owners, who have experienced their own issues with the included WiFi hardware on that tablet, are out of luck.

Source: Amped Wireless

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