An alleged presentation slide shows where the next iPhone will have its Touch ID sensor

Over the course of the past month, the news about Apple's next handset has been steadily leaking onto the internet. While previous years have offered up a fairly consistent batch of rumors, this year has been a bit different. The issue stems from the display, which is rumored to be expanding and will leave the current Touch ID sensor without a home. Every week we have been hearing a new piece of information that either places the sensor on the rear or under the display on the front of the device.

According to new information from a convention held in China, the iPhone will indeed have the fingerprint reader under the glass of the front display. This alleged slide from a presentation shows off the design of an iPhone with very thin bezels and also states that it will have a 5.8-inch OLED display.

Naturally, we should take this bit of information with skepticism, as it would be hard to believe that Apple would let this kind of image out into the wild, so many months ahead of its own announcement. If this slide is really showing off the next iPhone's specifications, what we are most likely seeing is a placeholder image for the product. With that said, Apple is expected to announce three iPhones, possibly with wireless charging and waterproofing in the later part of the year.

Source: PriceRaja via GSMArena

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