An enterprising techie used HoloLens to circumvent the US ban on laptops in-flight

After the US government's decision to ban all electronics devices larger than smartphones on flights emanating from certain Middle Eastern countries, some airlines have resorted to offering laptop rental services on their flights. An enterprising enthusiast of augmented reality, however, has found a far more novel means of circumventing the ban.

Microsoft's HoloLens allows the use of a number of applications and experiences usually found on PCs to be had in an augmented reality comprised of an amalgam of the real world and the digital. Quizzically, while the ban does target laptops, it exempts smart glasses, meaning one Sean Ong could carry on with his normal productivity routine and use apps like Mail, Microsoft Edge and Excel that he would normally access through his laptop.

With just a mouse and a keyboard, alongside his trusty HoloLens, of course, Ong was able to turn a rather arduous 14.5 hour flight from Dubai to Seattle into one of the most interesting practical applications of HoloLens - and have some fun while at it.

Source: Sean Ong (YouTube) via MSPoweruser

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