Analyst pegs WP7 sales at 674,000 units

Microsoft has been doing many things with WP7, between updates and new partnerships, you would think that they would be willing to tell everything about their latest and greatest mobile platform. But when it comes to finding out actual sales figures, Microsoft has been exceptionably quiet about the figures and many believe it's because of poor sales.

Russian tech analyst Eldar Murtazin (via Phone Arena) has proclaimed that Microsoft only sold 674,000 units despite shipping nearly twice as many devices. The information, while not confirmed by Microsoft, is the first educated guess to have any creditability behind it. Upon releasing this information, Eldar posted a curious bit of information on his Twitter account that makes this figure appear more like a leak than an actual estimation.

While not specifically stated, it is believed that these numbers are for 2010 and not an all encompassing number.  If the numbers hold true, it would reflect dismal sales of Microsoft's attempt to make headway into the mobile platform segment. But, if true, despite slow sales, as the platform matures and more features are added, it will gain more marketshare as it does offer a competitive OS to iOS and Android.

While it is unlikely that Microsoft will validate these numbers, or release any of its own any time soon, for now, this is the best estimation to date. Even though the platform is off to a slow start, and has had a few bumps along the way, it still is backed by a massive corporation who has the ability to force its success in the marketplace.

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