Analysts Cast Doubt on 20% Mac Market Share Claims

Data from two leading research firms has cast doubt on claims that Apples retail market share has reached 21%, a claim originating from a 1394 Trade Association release praising Apples use of Firewire 800 ports on the new iMac. The industry group claimed that Apples share in the consumer market had reached 21%. A group spokesperson confirmed the figure to, citing a CNBC report that also listed HPs consumer retail market share at 37 per cent and Dells at 11%. The group contends that the figures are only for retail sales, though that would still not account for an 11% share from Dell, which does virtually all its business directly.

However, data from other research firms appears to contradict 1394 Trade Associations claims. IDC analyst Doug Bell told that his firm recorded Apples consumer market share for all of 2006 at just 6.3%, with HPs at 27.5%and Dells at 25.5%. In the first quarter of 2007, Apple saw its market share grow, but only to 7.6%. IDC does not yet have data from Q2. Research firm Gartner also cast doubt on the possibility that Apples market share had exploded. The firm did not yet have consumer-specific data for Q2 available, but the company did not have Apple among the top five in total sales. CNBC could not be reached to verify the aforementioned report.

Apple said that it sold 1.517 million Macintoshes in Q2, representing just 2.5%of the 61 million PC sales logged by Gartner. HPs market share was listed at 18.2%and Dells at 15%.

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