Android 11 power menu will provide quick access to smart home controls and wallet

Google is going to revamp the power menu in Android in a big way. Pixel smartphones already have an enhanced power menu with quick access to Google Pay cards which Google rolled out to them with one of the feature drops. The company intends to further build on the new power menu with Android 11. A leaked image has now given us a glimpse of how the power menu in the feature update with various shortcuts and toggles is going to look like. The image is not exactly of the highest quality, but it does give us a good look at the new power menu. It is a far cry from the relatively simple power menu that we get to see on Android devices nowadays.

Apart from the Emergency mode and power controls, the power menu in Android 11 will also provide quick controls to various smart home devices. As can be seen from the screenshot below, the Android 11 power menu will include a 'Quick Controls' section for controlling your smart home devices like Blinds, Table lamp, Thermostat, etc.

Above the Quick Controls section will be the wallet section that will provide you with quick access to Google Pay. This feature is already a part of the Pixel smartphones, but with Android 11, Google will open it up for other developers. This means that Samsung can theoretically provide one with access to their cards in Samsung Pay in this section. The Emergency, Lockdown, and Power buttons will be located right at the top.

Source: xda-developers

What are your thoughts on the new power menu that will be a part of Android 11? Do you think it is too busy? Or do you think the new shortcuts are going to be useful?

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