Android game vending machines launched in Tokyo

Google Japan has just announced an innovative way to purchase games for Android users by launching three dedicated Google Play vending machines.

Android has consistently received updates to include new ways to purchase apps from the Google Play store such as carrier billing to boost revenue for developers. Japan is known for its portable gaming scene and use of vending machines which makes it a good trial ground. First of the three Google Play machines announced today has been installed in Tokyo, which will be operational from tomorrow at Parco departmental store in Shibuya. It will sell 18 different Android games which include free-to-play and paid-for Android apps.

Minimum requirement for using these machines is an Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) phone with NFC. The process of purchasing is quite straightforward, the user needs to place the phone on top of the NFC-enabled tray and navigate the UI on the machine's touchscreen to get the desired game as with regular vending machines. For users who do not own an Android phone, Google is providing a Nexus 4 for trial at the store under the supervision of employees.

This announcement is believed to be a promotion limited to Japan and there isn't any information provided by Google about global expansion as of now. For the Japanese this can be a fun experience to get games in a convenient manner while the promotion lasts.

Source: Engadget | Image via Engadget

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