Anonymous hacker releases information on GlobalCerts employees

Online security is essential in some forms of business, and there are plenty of people out there eager to bypass your security and mess with your company. While Anonymous is still the big name in 'hacktivism', there are plenty more groups appearing.

Someone claiming to be working as part of Anonymous and AntiSec (Anti-Security, to give the full term) has hit Global Certs is used for secure email messaging and suchlike, so there probably is a goldmine of information nobody was ever meant to see.

Using the traditional method of 'doxing' people, information has been dumped online. The hacker goes by the name of 57UN and somehow, we get the impression GlobalCerts' security left a bit to be desired if one person was able to do what 57UN has.

The 'doxed' information's opening tries to justify or explain the attack. It reads as follows:

Company that should be protecting, got hacked and failed to protect.

The person responsible for the attack gives only their pseudonym, and a link to their Twitter account.

Formatting on the information leaked is pretty hard to follow, but you can get the gist of it even so. With all the names and information leaked, it has to be a concern for Global Certs. While the information only concerns their employees at present, the amount of other data that could have fallen into the hands of hackers could be even more damaging.

Source: Softpedia

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