Another Nokia teaser for Monday, June 18th pops up

After posting two teaser images late on Friday, Nokia's U.S. Facebook page just posted up yet another image this morning that teases some kind of special event that's happening on Monday, June 18th. This time the image has the date along with an image of three circles that look something like targets that are intersecting each other against against a blue background.

As we have mentioned before, these teasers have a date that just happened to be the same day that Microsoft is holding a mysterious press event in Los Angeles. Rumors are flying that the event will feature the introduction of some kind of Windows RT-based tablet device. However, other rumors suggest it could be Nokia's launch of its 41 megapixel PureView camera for the US market. Neither Microsoft nor Nokia has officially announced if the press event and these Facebook teaser images are linked in some way.

We will be keeping an eye out for any more teaser image from Nokia's Facebook page this weekend to see if we can get any more hints about what June 18th really means. We are also scheduled to attend Microsoft's press event in Los Angeles and will bring you the information from that event on Monday. It promises to be a very interesting week, for both Microsoft and Nokia.

Source: Nokia US Facebook page | Image via Nokia

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