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AnyDesk is a fast remote desktop system and enables users to access their data, images, videos and applications from anywhere and at any time, and also to share it with others. AnyDesk is the first remote desktop software that doesn't require you to think about what you can do. CAD, video editing or simply working comfortably with an office suite for hours are just a few examples. AnyDesk is designed for modern multi-core CPUs. Most of AnyDesk's image processing is done con­currently. This way, AnyDesk can uti­lize up to 90% of.

Conventional screen sharing and remote desk­top applications are based on outdated com­pression techniques (X11, RDP, VNC) or on codecs that were designed for photos (JPEG) or video mate­rial (H.264). AnyDesk closes this gap by intro­ducing DeskRT, a video codec specifically designed for graphi­cal user inter­faces. Exploi­ting the special proper­ties of GUI image data (e.g. large areas of the same colour, high con­trasts, sharp edges, repeating patterns in the time and spatial domain, or the linear trans­lation of image con­tents), DeskRT is able to bring about very high image quality and low res­ponse times for the user.

AnyDesk uses TLS 1.2 based encryption, which is also used in online banking. Both ends of a connection are cryptographically verified. This makes it impossible for a stranger to fake your AnyDesk-ID and pretend to be you. So, if you always check the connecting person's AnyDesk-ID, you're on the safe side. Furthermore, you can review the current encryption mode, verification status and client fingerprint by hovering the mouse cursor over the lock icon in the status bar. All connections use AES-128 bit encryption in GCM mode by default. Licensed versions of AnyDesk provide even stronger encryption.

Just one megabyte - downloaded in a glimpse, sent via email, or fired up from your USB drive, AnyDesk will turn any desktop into your desktop in se­conds. No administrative privileges or installation needed.

AnyDesk 3.4.0 changelog:

New Features

  • Sessions can now be commented on close. The comment can then be looked up on If you don't want to comment, just clear the comment field. You will need a licence in order to use this new feature. Please get an evaluation licence on
  • Address Book: AnyDesk now supports multiple address books. They can be added (up to a certain limit) and deleted. The number of available address books depends on your licence.
  • Status bars now also show the remote user name.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a crash on connecting due to monitor detection failure.
  • Address Book: Fixed tag validation on rename.
  • After elevation the backend user name in the chat was SYSTEM.

Other Changes

  • Fixed and updated interfaces of installer, uninstaller, updater and global settings windows.

Download: AnyDesk 3.4.0 | 1.7 MB (Free for private use, paid upgrade available)
View: AnyDesk Home Page | Other platforms

Update: AnyDesk 3.4.1

  • Fixed Bugs
  • Fixed dpi of comment session dialog.
  • Fixed that the comment session dialog can be shown although the licence is of type Lite.
  • Fixed a crash related to the comment session dialog.
  • Fixed that the character right of '9' on the standard hungarian keyboard layout has not been recognized before.
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