AOL acquires Gamedaily from Gigex

Kotaku is reporting on a story which confirms that AOL has bought the Gamedaily website and it's "business" side of the fence Biz.Gamedaily from Gigex, Inc.
Gamedaily is one of the top destinations online for gaming news, previews, reviews and pretty much anything gaming. AOL will make Gamedaily it's new flagship for the AOL Games network. In response to this news, AOL Game's Ralph Rivera sat down and did a small interview with the guys at Biz.Gamedaily itself today as well to discuss this acquisition and to quell rumors of the destruction of the world. I won't list parts of the interview here, but needless to say the world won't come to an end, Bill Gates won't destroy Japan (with a giant space based laser no less) and our dogs and cats won't become zombies and eat your brains. Sorry.
Biz.Gamedaily is one of the great resources for gaming news, yours truly uses it everyday in fact. With AOL's current "free" deal going on, this is only great news in my opinion. Sure, you will have all the AOL haters come out and bash everything they do, but I for one see this as a good thing. They won't be changing anything about the site(s) but they will be building their entire AOL Games division around Gamedaily instead. I think that is a smart, smart move. Kodus to the guys at Gamedaily, and indeed AOL for making this smart buyout.
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