App Store "Hyperwall" updated

Many of you may have seen the App Store wall at last year's WWDC, it is a real time representation of what is being downloaded from Apple's App Store. This year it has been updated to show the data in a cleaner and more colourful way. As an app is downloaded, the icon representing it scrolls down the monitors and rests in the grid at the bottom.

TUAW reports how the images actually make it to the screens. "apparently they've got 30 Mac Pros running this thing -- data is fed from the App Store into an XML feed, which gets passed off to an OpenCL kernel, while Quartz Composer renders the final output."

This is just one of the many small effects that make WWDC such a major conference, tickets for this year's sold out in only eight days, even at $1599 a ticket. Although, that price gets you a seat at Steve Jobs' Keynote iPhone announcement as well as access to 5 days of workshops and conferences on all things App Store and Apple development.

There is still three days left of the conference so a few more interesting pieces of news may arise before the week is out.

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