Apple admits hard-disks are falling asleep mid-operation

Recently, reports have been surfacing of Macbook Pro laptops repetitively temporarily freezing for short amounts of time. Today, Apple announced that this problem is widespread and they have promised to provide a bug fix.

The issue only seems to affect MacBook Pros with 7200rpm 500GB hard drives and is thought to be due to code that's causing the drive to sleep during use. The hard disks in question fall asleep during operation, and freeze the computer temporarily until it spins up again - after an indeterminate amount of time - usually a maximum of 10 seconds. They also beep loudly and click during the process.

"We are aware of the issue and are working on a software update" said Apple representative Bill Evans. The problem seems to be completely random, according to Apple support forum users and is not reproducible easily, it just occurs intermittently.

Apple is on the brink of the release of Snow Leopard, their latest major release of the Apple Operating System. Rumored to be launched during September 2009, Snow Leopard adds support for 64-bit as well as offering Exchange 2007 support and Multi-core support.

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