Apple and EMI unveil iTunes Pass

There's still no word on the previously rumored iTunes Replay service, but recently Apple has teamed up with EMI and announced a different service: iTunes Pass.

As announced here, iTunes Pass will debut with Depeche Mode's upcoming album, "Sounds of the Universe" but will spread to other content across Apple's online media store. iTunes Pass is a simple subscription service, that will allow you to receive new content and updates, as well as exclusive media, from your selected bands as soon as it's on the iTunes Store. For example, the Depeche Mode iTunes Pass will provide customers with new content and media for the next 15 weeks. This may not seem very groundbreaking, but for some, it will be very handy for keeping up to date on their favourite bands without having to worry about buying separate albums.

Ronn Werre, President of Music Services for EMI Music, said, "As we work to better understand music consumers and help create stronger connections between fans and artists, we are pleased to work with Apple and Depeche Mode to kick off iTunes Pass." He also said, "We think it's a great new platform that will change the way artists engage with their audiences and also a powerful new way for us to build value for our artists' music. And with iTunes Pass, Depeche Mode are once again demonstrating that they are true trailblazers and innovators when it comes to creating amazing music and connecting with their fans." Hopefully this new announcement will lead other bands to follow, or perhaps they already have musicians lined up for the near future.

Expect to see more iTunes Pass content coming shortly.

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