Apple approves nearly 1400 Apps in one day

It's no secret that Apple's App store has been a huge success for Apple. It has helped to propel the iPhone to the de facto stature that it is today. Last Friday (9/18/09) Apple approved a massive 1394 apps for its store, according to

The massive amount of applications that Apple is approving clearly shows how popular the platform is and that Apple clearly has a hit on its hand. A quick look at the graph (posted below) shows that Apple on average approves roughly 400 apps a day.

The immense volume also shows how Apple must stay on top of the organization of the App Store. With such a large volume of applications, developers must find alternative ways to attract attention to their products or else they will be lost in a sea of undiscovered apps.

For some comparison, it would be as if the "Blackberry App World catalog were published in just one day. 1400 is more than double the number of games currently on the PS3 (557) and just a tad short of the number of titles in the PS2's library (somewhere around 1,900)." VIA

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