Apple dropping the iPhone 3GS

Since its release in 2007, the iPhone has revolutionised the phone market. Apple got in at the right time, and got it right, with a device that delivered on what so many others had promised and failed to deliver. The iPhone became the iPhone 3G, then the 3GS, the 4 and finally the 4S. But with the imminent introduction of “the new iPhone” (or iPhone 5), Apple have decided the time is right to remove the 3 line from its product listings altogether.

The 3GS has had a great run, being the only iPhone to support four different generations of iOS. Its performance running iOS 5 was generally a positive one; with some users claiming the 3GS was outperforming the original iPad (which had a faster processor), running the same firmware. This in turn made it a good candidate for the upcoming iOS 6, which Apple confirmed at their WWDC the device will get, although it will be a cut down version of the new OS.

But in terms of the technology, the 3GS is being put out to pasture. It just can’t keep up with the features offered by the latest offerings, not just from Apple, but Samsung, HTC and Nokia. So the 8GB iPhone 4 looks to be the handset that will take its place, with the network operators likely to keep the same pricing for contracts.

So, taking the record for the longest serving iPhone still officially supported (until Wednesday anyway), we bid the 3GS farewell. It only took a year for the rumour to become fact!

Source: The Telegraph
Image: Metro

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