Apple extends .Mac sign-up deadline

Mac users who have not converted their free iTools accounts to paid .Mac subscriptions have a little more time to consider whether to make the switch. Apple Computer said Friday it is extending the deadline until Oct. 14 for users of the free e-mail, Web hosting and online storage service to subscribe to Apple's new .Mac service, which was launched in July. Initially, iTools users were given until the end of the day Sept. 30 to pay a discounted annual fee of $49.95 or lose their iTools account, including all information stored in their e-mail, files stored online and Web pages they had created using Apple's HomePage feature.

The $49.95 fee represents a discount to the full price of $99 that Apple is charging subscribers who had not previously signed up for iTools. Apple has also added incentives, such as 100 free prints of digital photos, in an effort to boost subscriptions.

The launch of the .Mac suite of Internet services and software has been a phenomenal success," Apple said in a statement provided to CNET "In order to make sure that every iTools customer has the opportunity to take advantage of the special $49.95 membership offer, even the ones who've waited until the last minute, we've decided to extend the deadline."

Apple's move to charge users for the service has caused resentment among some in the Mac community who believed Apple was offering free e-mail accounts for life when it introduced the iTools.

News source: C|net

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