Apple files to keep Samsung from seeing iPhone 5 and iPad 3

A request by Samsung to see Apple's upcoming versions of the iPhone and iPad as part of a lawsuit has been sternly responded to by Apple. CNet's reports that Apple has filed a request in the District Court for the Northern District of California earlier this week asking the court to deny Samsung's request to see the designs for the iPad 3 and iPhone 5. In its response, Apple stated that Samsung's request was simply "a transparent and improper attempt to harass Apple by demanding extremely sensitive trade secrets that have no relevance to Apple's infringement claims or to Samsung's defenses to a preliminary injunction." The judge will make his decision on this matter on Friday, according to the story.

This is just the latest salvo in a series of lawsuits between the two companies. It started last April when Apple filed a suit against Samsung, claiming that Samsung had copied the case design and even the icon design for Apple's iPhone and iPad products for Samsung's Galaxy line of phones and tablets. Samsung fired back with its own lawsuit against Apple claiming that Apple had violated a number of Samsung's patents.

Last May, Samsung filed a request to see the designs of Apple's next generation version of the iPad and iPhone. Ironically Apple also requested to see Samsung's designs for their own upcoming tablets and phones. Unlike Apple's next generation products which have yet to be officially announced, the upcoming Samsung products have already been revealed and shown to the public

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