Apple has lost iPhone naming rights in Brazil

Apple has made the iPhone brand a household name but if you happen to live in Brazil, Apple will no longer be able to sell its phone under that moniker after a losing a battle in court.

According to the report by, Apple has lost the right in Brazil to use the iPhone branding on any product that relates to a mobile phone. This will obviously have a huge impact for Apple in Brazil as it will have to rebrand it's mobile phone in that country as it has the lost the right to a company called Gradiente who acquired the name back in 2000.

The loss of the name has bigger implications for Apple than simply the mobile phone as products such as "Find my iPhone" would have to be renamed as well. As we reportedly previously, Gradiente began selling a phone in December called the iPhone.

The IPHONE (pictured above), as it is called, runs Android 2.3.4, has a 3.7in screen, features dual SIM slots, front and rear cameras (no indication on the sensor size) and is priced at $285.00 off contract.

We will be quite curious to see what Apple renames the iPhone in Brazil.

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