Apple hits back with two new Mac ads

Apple has begun to air two new "Get a Mac" ads that continue to target Microsofts "Laptop Hunters" ad campaign which has directly attacked Apples higher prices for PCs. These ads try to quell the idea that Macs cost more and try to point out, yet again, that Macs have "superior" functionality and quality.

One of the new ads called "Top of the Line" features Patrick Warburton - well known for his portrayal of David Puddy from the Seinfeld sitcom. Top of the Line focuses on potential viruses and other "headaches" that may affect PCs, but not Macs. The second ad, called "Surprise" was also posted today featuring a similar message.

Apple is only a few days away from the launch of Snow Leopard, on August 28th, its latest and greatest operating system that features 64-bit capability, is faster and leaner, offers exchange support and is more accessible than ever, and its not a surprise that these ads appear at this close to the release.

Top of the Line:


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You can also watch the videos over at in high resolution.

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