Apple: iCloud reaches 100M users, 15M growth in 21 days

Tim Cook today gave a presentation at Goldman Sachs, where he talked about supplier responsibility at Apple, as well as their products and philosophy at Apple. 

Cook pointed out that Apple now has 100 million users of it's recently launched iCloud platform, and that they're seeing growth of 15 million users in just 21 days. The service had around 85 million users last month. Considering that iCloud only works on the iPhone 3GS and up, that's a huge number of users.

The new CEO seems to understand the cloud quite well, and stated that iCloud is a "long-game" strategy, which will pan out "over the next decade" of Apple's products and business and that they would continue to persue it passionately as they saw it as pivotal to the connected experience. 

Cook talked about how Apple was motiviated by the idea of having a house of Macs and Apple Devices that could exchange information simply, and that the product would continue to evolve over time.

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