Apple iLife delayed to 31st of January

NOW THAT APPLE has officially delayed the introduction of its Digital Lifestyle software suite to the 31st of January we can legitimately wonder why it chose to do so. The programs are ready and already packaged, waiting in the stores to be put on the shelves for sale, so it's most definitely not an issue of further development required before making iLife available to customers.

Some speculate Apple decided to delay iLife's introduction to make it coincide - or come very close to - the introduction of new desktop models, that should come with the multimedia suite already installed.

Almost one month ago, before the MacWorld Expo and the surprise announcement of the new PowerBooks, I suggested only minor speed bumps/upgrades to the iMac (iLamp version) and eMac desktops. But having seen what MWSF brought to the table I think it's safe to assume that the new machines will be Airport Extreme ready - meaning they can take advantage of the newer and faster 802.11g wireless ethernet standard.

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