Apple in legal battle over the use of "pod"

Apple isn’t afraid of taking legal action against anyone that uses a term that they believe may cause some confusion amongst consumers. Whether you’re using the letter "I", a logo with an apple (as with this Australian Supermarket), the word "pod", or any other term that Apple considers their property, you’ll probably end up in court.

The BBC reports that Sector Labs, the developer of a video projector called the 'Video Pod', are Apple’s latest target. To help explain their case, Apple has filed an 873-page briefing paper which explains why Apple has exclusive domain over the word "pod". Sector Labs plans to fight Apple on this case, not because they need the name, but instead because they believe that Apple’s attempt to control the use of English words in branding is wrong. Additionally, as Sector Labs’ product is a video projector, a product that is not in any way competing with Apple’s product range (especially not the iPod), it’s hard to see why Apple raised issue with this to begin with.

It’s often overlooked by the press that all of this legal action is coming from a company that announced the iPhone before even asking Cisco for permission to use that name, and launched a music store under the Apple brand in contradiction to their deal with Apple Music. That’s the very definition of the pot calling the kettle black.

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