Apple introduces fourth-generation iPod

Apple today updated their site to show off its 4th generation iPod. Though we got the specs over the weekend, we didn't get pictures that did the new iPod justice. Just by browsing around Apple's site the 4th generation iPod looks pretty good. Right now there have only been two confirmed sizes the 20GB and 40GB models. I have my suspicions that when the 4th generation iPod is released there will be three versions 20GB, 40GB, and 60GB.

Apple on Monday introduced its fourth generation iPod, revised with a new interface similar to that found on the iPod mini and a new feature called Shuffle Songs. The new iPod also sports a battery that's good for up to 12 hours of use at a time, according to Apple. The iPod is available in 20GB and 40GB capacities for US$299 and $399 respectively.

The iPod's new Click Wheel is similar to the interface found on iPod Minis: It's a continuous-scrolling surface that features five push buttons: a center button, a menu button positioned at 12 o'clock, fast forward and rewind buttons positioned at 3 and 9 o'clock, and a play/pause button positioned at 6 o'clock. Apple said the Click Wheel offers users better one-handed navigation.

Apple previously made available three models of iPods: 15GB, 20GB and 40GB systems, with prices at $299, $399 and $499. The 15GB model has been dropped all together, in favor of 20GB and 40GB models priced at $299 and $399. The fourth-generation iPod's overall dimensions are similar to its predecessor, though it's 1 millimeter (mm) deeper than before.

View: Apple's iPod Website

News source: MacCentral

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