Apple intros Panther, iSight, iChat AV and the new G5's

From apple: "We have so much good stuff for you today...

Safari SDK (Dev Toolkit) today, Safari Gold! Today - Will be released in 2/3 hours time.

Jaguar is dead Panther has a brand new Finder, old one was "too computer centric" Fast Searching Action button added - which shows u what you can do with a document Labels are back Dynamic Network Browser - search for specific servers Enhanced iDisk significantly for Panther Finder Windows all brushed metal.

Apple iSight camera announced, iChat AV Beta due later today. Al Gore on the iChat cam talking to Steve Jobs via a link up on iChat.

G5 Announced - We are delivering today - the Worlds Fastest Personal Computer. We're calling it the G5. It is a 64-bit processor. The first first 64-bit desktop processor. Runs our existing 32-bit apps no problems. The Fastest front sidebus - ever. designed for dual processor systems.

Massivly parallel. Up to 250 inflight instructions. -- can be processed at the same time. The G4 can do 16. Floating point "monster". Two fully symetric integer units. massive branch prediction logic. This is a new generation architecture."

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