Apple "i"nvents the Calendar, with iCal

At Mac Expo in Paris last Tuesday, CEO Steve Jobs released the new addition to his "i" line of software for the Mac, iCal, "an elegant personal calendar application that helps you manage your life and your time better than ever before". The software will only be available for Apple's new OS X upgrade 10.2 or codenamed Jaguar.

Steve Jobs also announced that, starting in January, new Macs will only be able to boot up in Mac OS X. (shock horror, News at Ten!).

Here's what Apple says about iCal on their website...

    iCal lets you keep track of your appointments and events with multiple calendars featuring at-a-glance views of upcoming activities by day, week or month. iCal also lets you create separate color-coded calendars for your home, school and work schedules, and it lets you view all your different calendars at the same time from within a single unified window. That way you can quickly spot scheduling conflicts — and just as quickly identify where you still have lots of time.

    You can use iCal to remind you of time commitments, keep track of your deadlines, send and receive email and text-message notifications, set alarms, and even create and prioritize To Do lists. In fact, iCal performs so many useful functions, it makes all other desktop calendars look, well, dated.

News source: CNet News

View: Apple's new addition - iCal

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