Apple iOS 4.1 released to all tomorrow

For those of you who caught Apple's special music event last week, or for those who have just heard about the new version iOS, this is a reminder to check for updates tomorrow, according to a quick blurb that was leaked on Apple's UK site.

iOS 4.1 comes with a vast number of improvements over iOS 4, including addressing the slow performance when installed on an iPhone 3G handset. Lifehacker compares iOS 4 and 4.1 on an iPhone 3G to show the increase in speed. For everyone else, various security issues and bugs have also been patched.

The upgrade includes GameCenter, a social framework for iOS gaming that allows friends to play games together via an invite system that will notify the user in-game of someone wishing to play. Leaderboards also come as a feature, which further makes iOS a real gaming experience and system. In Apple's keynote, they mentioned how the iOS platform sells more games than Nintendo and Sony's mobile gaming market combined. The option to place more game features into the system just makes sense at this point.

iPhone 4 owners who had a difficult time with the proximity sensor should no longer have to fret over the issue. iOS 4.1 will fix the sensor that is supposed to lock the screen when the phone is places close to the user's head so no accidental buttons are pressed. Currently some users report that they have a faulty sensor, however the new firmware should fix this.

The new iPod Touch and iPhone 4 will get the Apple HDR photo ability. An HDR (High Dynamic Range) photo consists of three photos, one that is shot under normal conditions, one over exposed, and one under exposed. An algorithm overlays the three images which aims to show more detail and give a better photo than a standard image. Users will have the option to save whichever one of the two photos they prefer.

Apple iOS 4.1 will come out tomorrow, September 8th, and will be a free software update from iTunes.

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